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11-05-2012, 08:01 PM
Hi there! I am a German collector of dark fantasy and horror books. Due to my upcoming wedding I have to sell parts of my collection in order to finance this happy event.

Here's a list of all offered books, sold books will be deleted from the list:

'In Delirium I' - S/L - Delirium Books
'In Delirium II' - S/L - Delirium Books
'The Rising' - S/L - Delirium Books
'The Rising: stories' - S/L - Delirium Books
'Ghost walk' - S/L - Delirium Books
'Earthworm Gods: Stories' - S/L - Delirium Books
'The Rising: Death in 4 colours' - S/L - Delirium Books
'Fear of gravity' - S/L - Delirium Books
'City of the dead' - S/L - Delirium Books
'Ghoul' - S/L - Delirium Books
'Sympathy for the devil' - S/L - Delirium Books
'The new fear' - S/L - Delirium Books
'Running with the devil' - S/L - Delirium Books
'New dark voices' - S/L - Delirium Books
'New dark voices II' - a) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'Unhappy endings' - a) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'Children of chaos (Greg Gifune)' - a) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'Bloodletting (M. McBride)' - a) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'Clickers III' - b) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'Long after dark (G. Gifune)' - b) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'Innocents lost (M. McBride)' - b) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'The living and the dead (Greg Gifune)' - b) these four titles come with one slipcase - Delirium Books
'Infernally yours' - S/L - Camelot Books
'Is there a demon in you?' - S/L - Camelot Books
'Clickers I' - S/L - Delirium Books
'Clickers II' - S/L - delirium Books
'The cage' - S/L - Cemetery Dance
'Tequila's sunrise' - S/L - NEP
'Kill Whitey' - signed trade HC - Cemetery Dance
'The Rising: Necrophobia' - chapbook - Delirium Books
'Terminal' - S/L - Bloodletting Press
'The rutting season' - S/L - Bloodletting Press
'Take the long way home' - S/L - NEP
'New dawn ' - chapbook - Self-published (reserved)
'Dust/ Divorcing the dead' - chapbook - Thunderstorm Books
'Shades' - S/L - Cemetery Dance
'Halves' - lettered HC - Bloodletting Press
'Leader of the banned: Hail saten IV' - S/L - Thunderstorm Books
'Castaways' - S/L - Bloodletting Press
'… and hell folowed with them' - S/L - ?
'Urban gothic' - S/L - Bloodletting Press
'A dark and deadly valley' - S/L - ?
'Scratch' - S/L - Cemetery Dance
'Four rode out' - S/L - Cemetery Dance
'Take the long way home' - lettered - NEP
'4 fear of' - lettered - Borderland Press
'Crane house' - S/L - Cemetery Dance
'The new dead (Subterranean Press)' - S/L - Subterranean Press
'A conspiracy of one' - S/L - Thunderstorm Books
'Once upon a time in midnight (John Urbancik)' - S/L - Thunderstorm Books
'The resurrection and the life' - S/L - Biting Dog Press
'The best of Horrorfind' - Pb -
'The best of Horrorfind II' - Pb -
'4x4' - S/L PB - Delirium Books
'Jack's Magic beans' - promo PB, just 75 produced -
'Shivers' - Pb - Cemetery Dance
'Shivers II' - Pb - Cemetery Dance
'Shivers III' - Pb - Cemetery Dance
'Shivers IV' - Pb - Cemetery Dance
'Shivers V' - Pb - Cemetery Dance
'Clickers I' - Pb - Delirium Books
'Clickers II' - Pb - Delirium Books
'Sympathy for the devil' - Pb - Delirium Books
'New dark voices' - Pb - Delirium Books
'Unhappy endings' - Pb - Delirium Books
'The Rising: Collected scenes from the end of the world' - Pb - Delirium Books
'Fear of gravity' - Pb - Delirium Books
'Dark Faith' - Pb -
'Angst vor dem Sturz (German edition of Fear of Gravity)' - Pb - Eloy Edictions
'The living dead II (Zombie anthology)' - Pb -
'Der lange Weg nach Hause (German edition of Take the long way home)' - Pb - Otherworld
'Eingesperrt (German edition of The Cage), still shrinkwrapped' - HC - Atlantis Verlag
'Wurmg÷tter (German Edition of Earthworm Gods), still shrinkwrapped' - HC - Otherworld
'The ties that bind' - DVD -
'Shroud Magazine 8' - magazine -
'Shroud Magazine 9' - magazine -
'Stone Tears ' - chapbook -
'Grave Tales#4' - comic book -
'Killing Stages' - chapbook -
'Brian Keene's Fear' - comic book -
'DC Halloween Special' - comic book -
'Dead of Night: Devil Slayer 1-4 ' - comic book -
'Doom Patrol #16' - comic book -
'The last zombie (1- current issue)' - comic book -
'Dr Who: Short Trips: Destination Prague (edited by Steven Saville)' - HC -
The damn highway' - Pb - Dark Horse Books
Blood splattered & politically incorrect' - chapbook - Cemetery Dance
Exitable boys' - PB
A little silver book of streetwise stories' - S/L - Borderland Press
APEX, vol I, issue 12 (contains Brian's story Death comes for all), PB
Hellboy: Oddest jobs (contains Brian's story Salamander Blues), PB

Here are pictures of what I am offering. If you are interested in buying one or multiple items please send me a PM!












11-05-2012, 09:14 PM
Wow! Lots of great stuff in there! Congratualrions and good luck with the sale!

11-05-2012, 09:18 PM
thanks! Already sold some books since I started posting on other forums as well a few weeks ago, but there are still a lot left :)

bookworm 1
11-05-2012, 10:15 PM
I am stunned.Great stuff wish I could take it all off your hands.

11-05-2012, 11:11 PM
Wow, wish I a lot of money so I could buy a lot of that stuff. Hope you sell enough to get the money you're looking for

11-06-2012, 05:52 AM
Thanks guys, let's see how it works out ...

11-22-2012, 12:28 PM
My HALVES Lettered edition auction on ebay end later today. Please check it out:

Also if you are interested in any of the other titles please let me know. Thanks!

01-03-2013, 01:00 PM
sooo, the books are still for sale, please take a look at the list and maybe there's one or more books you might be interested in ... please let me know via PN. Thanks :)

02-23-2013, 09:11 PM
hey there. these are all still for sale, so if you are interested please let me know! thanks :)