View Full Version : Cemetery Dance titles for sale!!!!

04-07-2012, 10:21 PM

Here is the firts batch of titles I am going to list on Ebay when time permits. They are mostly CD with a few SubPress throne in. I will liekly ask a starting price of $25 for the $40 ones and $20 for the $35 ones....with a buy now at the retail price. Not sure if that's a good pricing model or not. I know some price them very low, but as I am doing it to make room and not out of need for $$, I am not overly concerned if they sell or not. Anyway, if anyone here has an interest in any of these, please let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. Of course, the more titles someone might one, the better the deal I can do. Anyway, let me know if you're interested.




Brandner, Gary Rot
Burke, Kealan Night Vision 12 (trade)
Chizmar, Richard Night Vision 10 (trade)
Clegg, Douglas Afterlife
Clegg, Douglas Night Cage
Clegg, Douglas Nightmare House
Clegg, Douglas The Abandoned
Clegg, Douglas The Necromancer
Clegg, Douglas Wild Things
Crowther, Peter Forever Twilight (Book 1)
Ketchum, Jack Hide and Seek
Ketchum, Jack Joyride
Ketchum, Jack Old Flames
Ketchum, Jack She Wakes
Ketchum, Jack The Woman (signed trade)
Ketchum, Jack Weed Species
Laymon, richers Fridat Night in Beast House (trade)
Lee, Edward Brides of the Impaler
Lee, Edward City Infernal
Lee, Edward Dahmer's Not Dead
Lee, Edward House Infernal
Lee, Edward Infernal Angel
Lee, Edward Innswich Horror
Lee, Edward Monstrosity
Lee, Edward The Backwood
Lee, Edward The Stickmen
Nolan, William California Sorcery
Tem, Steve Rasnic Book of Days (SubPress)