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  6. [INDEXED]Oblivion by Jay Bonansinga (eBook)
  7. [INDEXED]Butterfly by Simon Clark (eBook)
  8. The Painted Darkness by Brian James Freeman (eBook)
  9. Development Hell by Mick Garris (eBook)
  10. [INDEXED]Cages: A Short Story by Ed Gorman (eBook)
  11. [INDEXED]Four Octobers by Rick Hautala (eBook)
  12. The Mountain King by Rick Hautala (eBook)
  13. [INDEXED]The Two Sams by Glen Hirshberg (eBook)
  14. The Snowman's Children by Glen Hirshberg (eBook)
  15. Mad Dogs by Brian Hodge (eBook)
  16. Shades by Brian Keene & Geoff Cooper (eBook)
  17. Kill Whitey by Brian Keene (eBook)
  18. Midnight Grinding by Ronald Kelly (eBook)
  19. Lilja's Library by Hans-Ake Lilja (eBook)
  20. Little Things by John R. Little (eBook)
  21. Miranda by John R. Little (eBook)
  22. Placeholders by John R. Little (eBook)
  23. The Gray Zone by John R. Little (eBook)
  24. The Memory Tree by John R. Little (eBook)
  25. Dreams in Black & White by John R. Little (eBook)
  26. Dark Forces edited by Kirby McCauley (eBook)
  27. The Bone Worms by Keith Minnion (eBook)
  28. The Walker Place: A Short Story by James A. Moore (eBook)
  29. Home For the Holidays: A Short Story by James A. Moore (eBook)
  30. Harvest Moon by James A. Moore (eBook)
  31. Slippin' Into Darkness by Norman Partridge (eBook)
  32. Wildest Dreams by Norman Partridge (eBook)
  33. Johnny Halloween: Tales of the Dark Season by Norman Partridge (eBook)
  34. Invisible Fences by Norman Prentiss (eBook)
  35. Four Legs in the Morning A Short Story by Norman Prentiss (eBook)
  36. Blood in Your Ears by Kevin Quigley (eBook)
  37. Chart of Darkness by Kevin Quigley (eBook)
  38. Drawn Into Darkness by Kevin Quigley (eBook)
  39. Ink in the Veins by Kevin Quigley (eBook)
  40. Wetware by Kevin Quigley (eBook)
  41. Sides by Peter Straub (eBook)
  42. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Bev Vincent (eBook)
  43. Stephen King: The Non-Fiction by Rocky Wood & Justin Brooks (eBook)
  44. Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished REVISED EDITION by Rocky Wood (eBook)
  45. Wild Horses by Brian Hodge (eBook)
  46. URSA Major by John R. Little (eBook)
  47. Titanic 2012 by Bill Walker (eBook)
  48. A Life in the Cinema by Mick Garris (eBook)
  49. Flesh and Blood by Graham Masterton
  50. The Sleepless by Graham Masterton (eBook)
  51. The Dropper by Ron McLarty
  52. Flannel Board: A Short Story by Norman Prentiss
  53. The Mask of Tragedies: A Short Story by Norman Prentiss
  54. Four Legs in the Morning: Short Story Box Set by Norman Prentiss (Amazon Exclusive)
  55. Picking the Bones by Brian Hodge (eBook)
  56. Surf's Up by Kevin Quigley (eBook)
  57. This Terrestrial Hell by Kevin Quigley (eBook)
  58. Walpuski's Tpewriter by Frank Darabont (eBook)
  59. Dirty Coppers by Richard Chizmar and Ed Gorman (eBook)
  60. Homecoming by Matthew Costello (eBook)
  61. Midsummer by Matthew Costello (eBook)
  62. "13" Days of Halloween eBooks!
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  64. The Castle of Los Angeles by Lisa Morton
  65. eBooks September to Present
  66. Quick question re: Kobo and Calibre
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  68. How To: Un-Zip eBook files for Windows
  69. Cemetery Dance magazine eBook Announcement!
  70. I'm Not Sam by Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee (eBook)
  71. Blue November Storms by Brian James Freeman (eBook)
  72. CD eBooks in May / June
  73. Femme by Bill Pronzini (eBook)
  74. Kinsmen by Bill Pronzini (eBook)
  75. Night Thirst by Patrick Whalen (eBook)
  76. Out of the Night by Patrick Whalen (eBook)
  77. Death Walker by Patrick Whalen (eBook)
  78. Monastery by Patrick Whalen (eBook)
  79. Cemetery Dance #69 (eBook)
  80. Fate and The Exorcist: An In-depth Interview with William Peter Blatty (eBook)
  81. What is the process involved converting print to e-book formats?
  82. Earlier issues converted to e-book format ?
  83. Stephen King Limited - Kevin Quiqley
  84. The Circle by Bentley Little (eBook)
  85. The Influence by Bentley Little (eBook)
  86. Cemetery Dance #70 (eBook)
  87. The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book by Brian James Freeman & Bev Vincent (eBook)
  88. Tyler's Third Act by Mick Garris (eBook)
  89. Shivers 7 by Richard Chizmar (eBook)
  90. Nothing Lasting by Glen Krisch (eBook)
  91. The Interrogator and Other Criminally Good Fiction by Martin H. Greenberg & Ed Gorman
  92. Thrill by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  93. Monday's Child by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  94. The Children's Ward by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  95. Water Baby by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  96. Lullabye by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  97. See No Evil by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  98. Twice Blessed by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  99. Only Child by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  100. The Taint by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  101. Traces by Patricia Wallace (eBook)
  102. The Man Who Killed Halloween: A Halloween Short Story by Ray Garton (eBook)
  103. The Ghosts of Pontefract Castle: A Halloween Short Story by Simon Clark (eBook)
  104. Scavenger Hunt by John R. Little and Fatima Monteiro
  105. Little by Little by John R. Little
  106. The Cemetery Dance Select eBook Series
  107. People Are Strange by James Newman
  108. The Dark at the End of the Tunnel by Taylor Grant
  109. Dominoes in Time by Matthew Warner
  110. Dark Advent by Brian Hodge (eBook)
  111. Morningstar by Peter Atkins (eBook)
  112. Big Thunder by Peter Atkins (eBook)
  113. Moontown by Peter Atkins (eBook)
  114. The Return of Boy Justice by Peter Atkins (eBook)
  115. Stacy and Her Idiot by Peter Atkins (eBook)
  116. Curtain Call by Mark Allan Gunnells
  117. Widow's Point by Richard & Billy Chizmar
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