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  1. Rules
  2. WANTED : A Storm of Swords
  3. WANTED: Apex Digest 3, The Avian, by Knight, and A Laymon Kind of Night, by Gunnells
  4. WANTED: Legacies Limited Edition
  5. For Sale - The Painted Darkness Limited double signed No.521
  6. Wanted CD Magazine Back Issues
  7. WANTED: early issues of THE HORROR SHOW magazine
  8. Jack Ketchum chapbooks
  9. Big Dark Discoveries Website Store Update - 100+ books (Incl. Rare CD, NEP, BL, etc.)
  10. For Sale: Stephen King - The Dark Tower Series Signed/Limited Editions III - VII
  11. Artist's Edition of October Dreams Ultra rare - only 12 made!
  13. For Sale: Lonely Road's Limited edition of Stephen King's Blockade Billy
  14. FDNS remarqued by 5 artists
  15. Stephen King Secretary, BIlly and Proof, & Norman Partridge for sale
  16. Help me complete my Laymon collection
  17. Need new home.
  18. THE RISING by Brian Keene
  19. Seller's advertised book conditions
  20. UK Liseys Story Proof 044/100 (no slipcase)
  21. Ebay auction for The Passage by Justin Cronin and remarqued by Jill Bauman
  22. Some cool auctions on ebay - Garton, Keene, King, Laymon, Partridge, Straub, etc.
  23. WANTED: CD Magazine Issue #4
  24. A Very Good UK 1st 'The Dead Zone'
  25. A few things on e-bay ...
  26. The Passage and Full Dark No Stars Remarques
  27. GHOUL Brian Keene Lettered
  28. Special Remarqued Gunpowder by Joe Hill for CHARITY!!!
  29. WANTED: An affordable copy of Shivers III
  30. Some Great Books Now Available from HorrorScribe at the Horror Mall Auction House
  31. FOR SALE: Several Books By Clegg, Garton, Piccirilli, & Straub
  32. FOR SALE: The Road To The Dark Tower Lettered AA (SOLD)
  33. FOR SALE: Remarqued 'Gunpowder' Joe Hill S/L
  34. Wanted: Traycased/Lettered Hell Hollow
  35. Books for sale. Ebay auction 100% feedback
  36. FOR SALE: Remarqued Full Dark, No Stars S/L
  37. For sale: 'Salem's Lot 2nd state dust jacket and several King 'gift editions'
  38. For Sale-Several CD Titles
  39. New auction... Lower prices!!!
  40. Looking for Devils of D-Day Masterton Hardback
  41. Stephen King and Robert McCammon auctions
  42. Novella Series auctions
  43. List of books for sale. Pm me if interested!
  44. CD Magazines (Desperately) Wanted
  45. 1/22/63 proof
  46. Stephen King's The Colorado Kid remarqued
  47. Signature Series Auction
  48. New EBAY Auctions happening with special offer!
  49. Crazy low prices, come grab a bargain!
  51. For Sale: Remarqued Locke and Key Vol 1 S/L
  52. looking for some SK ARCS
  53. Roger Zelazny A Night in the Lonesome October Easton Ed.
  54. Remarqued X2 Copy of Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King & Glenn Chadbourne ends soon
  55. For Sale: Remarqued Joe Hill 20th Century Ghosts S/L
  56. For Sale: Remarqued Joe Hill 20th Century Ghosts S/L 171/200
  57. Check out my new ebay auctions at great prices!!!
  58. Stephen King/Joe Hill/Dann Simmons on ebay
  59. Bunch of ebay auctions for CD books. Most are 20% off retail.
  60. Emergency sale (all letters).
  61. Full Dark, No Stars Signed/Numbered 3 Remarques for Sale
  62. Some rare older Cemetery Dance issues and out of print CD novellas, etc. for sale
  63. comics wanted
  64. The Stand - True 1st/1st (T39)
  65. Dark Discoveries 25% off Black Friday Sale
  66. Old Cemetery Dance Magazine Issues for Sale, Issue #3 & Up
  67. Remarqued Copy of Secretary of Dreams Volume #1 for sale (FROGS) Signed by Chadbourne
  68. Signed Copy of 11/22/63 from the Texas Book Depository Benefit in Dallas
  69. A Few Books For Sale
  70. The Century's Best Horror Fiction Advance Review Copy Wanted Vol. 1
  71. Complete Matching Set of Delirium's 2011 Hardcover Novella Series
  72. A Few More Books For Sale
  73. Signed Stephen King & Remarqued Joe Hill
  74. Some cool books at very good prices (IMO)
  75. King's Duma Key signed and remarqued 1st edition
  76. SK 1st's Required
  77. Terry Brooks 1sts
  78. CD Auctions
  79. Suggestions
  81. Listed the following on Ebay
  82. Easton Press "The Dead Zone" w/ Jill Baumann Remarque!!!
  83. Song of Susannah/Wolves of the Calla
  84. Moore, Gonzalez, Rollo etc
  85. Helping a friend sell a large collection of horror mags & Books (lot of Stephen King)
  86. Great Ghost Stories Lettered with Les Edwards Remarque (signed by King & most authors
  87. Books for Sale for Haven Fundraiser
  88. The Passage and The Exorcist & Legion - lettered editions.
  89. Huge lot of jeff strand signed limited hardcovers....
  90. Great Ghost Stories Lettered with Les Edwards remarque of The Reaper's Image
  91. Ebay - Lisey's Story, Stephen King, Signed
  92. Looking for Bradbury's, October Country, Gauntlet Press and....
  93. Sod s/l set, vol 1 & 2
  94. CD mags for sale, maybe...
  95. Specially Remarqued CD "IT" GE by Alex McVey and Erin Wells!!!!
  96. Under the dome UK s/l
  97. Stuff for sale: Ronald Kelly's Sick Stuff Limited hardcover and other stuff
  98. Pricing for GRRM and Steven Erikson limited
  99. Cemetery Dance titles for sale!!!!
  100. Ebay auction: Cemetery dance, delirium, earthling, dark regions press
  101. The Dean Inn, Deathrealms, In Delirium 1 and 2 plus more for sale..
  102. Cemetery Dance Magazine Issue #1 for sale No Reserve auction
  103. HOLY CRAP - THE CRANE HOUSE is on eBay
  104. Selling some preorders
  105. S/l the gunslinger
  106. Looking for Bentley Little
  107. Stephen King Traycased IT, Secretary of Dreams and others for Sale
  108. **Wanted** Ravenous Ghosts - Kealan Patrick Burke
  109. Selling Stephen king Lisey's Story signed
  110. Esquire in Canada
  111. FOUR GHOSTS for sale! Joe Hill, Peter Straub, James A. Moore, Ray Garton! Limited Ed
  112. More Rare Stephen King Limited HC's, UK 1st Edition HC's, etc. for sale
  113. Some new auctions for rare CD, Sub Press, etc. HC's & mags - King,Bradbury,Nolan,etc.
  114. NFS FOUR GHOSTS for sale! Joe Hill, Peter Straub, James A. Moore Ray Garton! Limited
  116. The Crow - Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams
  117. Stephen King Dark Tower: The Gunslinger. Grant. 1st Edition Excellent condition. Ebay
  118. 246 Book Bulk Lot Auction
  120. For sale: The Wind Through the Keyhole - S / L
  121. Books Wanted - Keene Lettereds
  122. Wanted: The Twelve Limited Edition Pre-order
  123. Several CD Items & Books from Other Publishers for Sale or Trade
  124. Minor flaw on signed/limited of King's Wizard and Glass
  125. The Wilds by Richard Laymon on eBay now
  126. Spree by Lucy Taylor on eBay now!
  127. Maelstrom 2
  128. The Passage signed 1st/1st
  129. Sub Press 50% sale
  130. 411 by Ray Garton, CD Novella Series #3 on eBay now!
  131. Right to Life by Jack Ketchum, CD Novella Series #4 on eBay now!
  132. Lynch by Nancy A. Collins CD Novella Series #5 on eBay now!
  133. The Winchester Horror by William F. Nolan CD Novella Series #6 on eBay now!
  134. Deluxe Edition of The Strain for Sale
  135. Operator "B" by Edward Lee CD Novella Series #7 on eBay now!
  136. Purity by Douglas Clegg CD Novella Series #8 on eBay now!
  138. Demons by John Shirley CD Novella Series #9 on eBay now!
  139. Bonnie Winter by Graham Masterton CD Novella Series #10 on eBay now!
  140. Cast in Dark Waters by Ed Gorman & Tom Piccirilli CD Novella Series #11 on eBay now!
  141. Roll Them Bones by David Niall Wilson CD Novella Series #12 on eBay now!
  142. Over 50 new ebay auctions - mostly signed LE books
  143. The Passage, Gideon's Sword and more for sale on ebay
  144. Stuff for sale
  145. Stephen King It 25th Traycased #59 For Sale
  146. Wanted
  147. books for sale
  148. Lots of rare books on eBay auctions
  149. Selling my Brian Keene Collection, more than 100 books, chapbooks, comics, magazines
  150. more rare books for sale
  151. Bookworms book sale
  152. Glenn Cooper - The librarians - Signed
  153. Ebay auction for first 9 Signature Series books
  155. Weeding out some duplicates from my shelves.
  156. Limited of NOS4A2 from SubPress
  157. eBay auctions for rare Brian Keene, Greg Gifune titles
  158. Justin Cronin The Passage Remarqed/Double Signed (#PC) now on eBay
  159. Just Launched a new Online Store w/ Signed Books, Magazines, Shirts, LP's and more!
  160. $1200.00 Car repair bill so selling some books.
  161. Selling My Secretay of Dreams Volumes One and Two Signed, Limited Editions
  162. FOR SALE: UK Under The Dome S/L #255
  163. More books / Artwork For Sale
  164. Fourbodings edited by Peter Crowther 50% off
  165. "Pennywise" IT Original Stephen King Oil Painting by Glenn Chadbourne FRAMED Signed!!
  166. Looking for IT - 25th Anniversary Gift Edition
  167. Brian Keene, Nate Southard, Ronald Kelly, J.F. Gonzalez books for sale
  168. Looking to sell signed/limited of Wizard and Glass
  169. Stephen King Lettered PC books on ebay
  170. Cemetery Dance eBay Auctions!
  171. Looking to buy
  172. Bills to pay, books to go. 31 OOP Lettered / 9 limited auctions. Most "PC"
  173. Wanted: A Feast for Crows #11 (Sub Press)
  174. Stephen King hot stamping dies--collectors?
  175. Free books!*
  176. Simon Clark and Ronald Kelly Lettered Editions
  177. Looking to buy S/L DT 3: The Waste Lands
  178. 2 books I would like to trade
  179. Secretary of Dreams 1 & 2 matching LETTERED set on eBay - 50% off
  180. The Talisman and Black House Limited Edition Poster
  181. 'Salem's Lot Centipede Press Unsigned Edition
  182. In search of the following books...
  183. The Woman Infernal House S/L Edition
  184. Joe McKinney's Crooked House for trade
  185. Embassytown - China Mieville - singed 1st ed
  186. I Need Cemetery Dance Magazine Issues 30 & 31
  187. FS: Joyland Unsigned Gift Edition
  188. Joyland; Signed and Numbered for Sale.
  189. Some new books for sale- JOYLAND HC,Signed LOCKE & KEY,Maelstrom 2 Set,CD,Sub Press,
  190. Looking for one of my Grails - The Passage
  191. Looking for a signed trade edition of Joyland
  192. Keene books for sale
  193. Forum Member Book Sale
  194. Stephen Kind, Joe Hill ect sale for funds towards a mortgage!
  195. Desperately wanting a copy of Stephen King's IT S/L 25th Anniversary Edition
  196. Thinner by Stephen King
  197. Looking for a copy of the trade edition of Best of Cemetery Dance
  198. S/L Joyland For Sale
  199. Looking for Salem's Lot 1/600 by Centipede Press
  200. Forthe Laymon fans....Big Ebay Lot of Laymon books
  201. Indian Summer and Crooked House for trade
  202. Wanted: Doctor Sleep Gift Edition
  203. Make me an offer!
  204. Best Sites for Finding Collectible Books
  205. Older CD, Grant, signed/limited King, Straub, Garton and more for sale!
  206. King Trivia ltd/signed/hc
  207. WANTED: Jim Butcher, Storm Front S/L by Subterranean Press
  208. Stuff for sale...Brian Keene, Nate Southard, Ronald Kelly, Rue-Morgue, Walking Dead
  209. FS/FT: The Dark Man S/L--Wanted: NOS4A2 Limited!
  210. For sale: Stephen King's IT (S/L) and FULL DARK NO STARS (gift)
  211. For Sale - 11/22/63 slip- and traycase (CD)
  212. Dust Jacket question
  213. The Exorcist and Legion Lettered Edition I, eBay Auction No Reserve Starts at $0.99!
  214. For sale: Under the Dome - Hodder & Stoughton S/L
  215. the shining s/l silent auction
  216. The BIG Book of NECON, Signed Lettered Edition,for sale on eBay, No Reserve .99
  217. FS the shining s/l preorder
  218. In Laymon Terms lettered ZZ
  219. Going nuts for a copy of The Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill - Sub Press Edition
  220. In Laymon's Terms Signed Letter C - No Reserve Auction on eBay, biddinstarts at $0.99
  221. Destinations Unknown by Gary A. Braunbeck, Signed Letter edition ebay auction .99 NR
  222. The Dark Tower - The Complete Concordance Signed Letter I eBay auction .99 No Reserve
  223. Letter Books For Sale
  224. Signed and Collectible Books
  225. Remarqued Secretary of Dreams, Signed Exorcist, In Laymon's Terms on Ebay
  226. Some new stuff for sale on ebay- Signed/Limited books from CD,DRP,Centipede, mags,etc
  227. Maelstrom #1 & #2 + Entombed + The Strain for sale
  228. For Sale - In Laymon's Terms Letter Signed Edition - Letter I
  229. Signed Out Of Print books on Ebay until 8th December - UK Sale
  230. Selling my collection
  231. Blockade Billy Printer's Die
  232. Thunderstorm 'Black Voltage' for sale
  233. Book wanted
  234. CD Magazines
  235. Grab Bag Trades
  236. Cemetery Dance Magazine Issue 1
  237. Selling Wizard and Glass signed limited
  238. Some random books for sale
  239. In Laymon's Terms Signed Letter I edition for sale on eBay - No Reserve Auction
  240. Large Wanted List
  241. RESTLESS SHADOWS Rare Hard Rain edition
  242. Tommy's Book Sale
  243. CD Ebay sales
  244. Wanted: Brian Keene's The Rising Lettered Edition
  245. US Doctor Sleep ARC/proof
  246. CD Looking for Lettered Editions
  247. Signed George RR Martin's Clash of Kings (Sub Press) & Cemetery Dance's 4 Killers PC!
  248. CD eBay Sales Round 2
  249. The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book on eBay
  250. Secretary of Dreams Vol. 1 & The Twelve by Cronin signed on Ebay