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  1. CD eBay Sales Round 3
  2. Subterranean books on eBay: Gaiman, Bradbury, Ellison, Simmons, more
  3. Joe Hill: Signed NOS4A2 trade and Gunpowder
  4. More Book Auctions
  5. Keene, Piccirilli, Southard, Clark for sale
  6. Cemetery Dance Magazine #1 for sale on Ebay!
  7. Collection downsizing
  8. Book buyers beware!
  9. The Dark Man S/L, The Very Best Of Best New Horror
  10. Cornell Woolrich's Black Alibi 1942 true first edition SIGNED by the author!
  11. Ronald Malfi and Robert Mccammon Wanted
  12. Justin Cronin's The Twelve Signed Hardcover Trade edition New
  13. Big Summer sale for DRP starting next Tuesday!
  14. Grave Tales #1 Blueline Proof for sale one of a kind CD's first comic book! 1999
  15. Looking to purchase CD Magazine Issues 6 & 7.
  16. FS - books for sale
  17. A few books for sale
  18. Innswich Horror
  19. Innswich Horror
  20. Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks : The British Films vol. 3
  21. Wanted:Maelstrom Set 1
  22. Dirt Nap #1
  23. for sale: non-English Stephen King editions
  24. Books for sale: Smoke and Mirrors limited, Joe Hill, Brian Keene, Thunderstorm books
  25. Selling: Salem's Lot (Centipede Press signed limited)
  26. Selling: Under the Dome S/L - no reserve!
  27. selling: I Travel By Night (McCammon)
  28. selling: Bethany's Sin (McCammon)
  29. Looking 4 # 155 of Dark Man Portfolio
  30. Selling/Trading some comic trade paperbacks and hardbacks
  31. Dreamcatcher film Stephen King vest XL ILM VFX Lawrence Kasdan Star Wars George Lucas
  32. Stephen King Artwork/dust jackets by Glenn Chadbourne (signed) and Vincent Chong !
  33. Relic
  34. Two Cemetery Dance novellas up for trade
  35. Anyone want a Brian Keene t-shirt?
  36. Looking for the HC of The Fall of Never by Ronald Malfi
  37. The Big Book of Necon
  39. Looking for The Secretary of Dreams Vol 1 - Gift Edition
  40. 2 Stephen King S/L Books for sale
  41. The Drawing of the Three S/L for sale
  42. WTB: Malfi's AFTER THE FADE * #83 *, S/L HC, Delirium / Dark Fuse
  43. Selling Joe Abercrombie SubPress Editions (Full Set)
  44. Is selling on eBay difficult?
  45. WTB: Full Dark No Stars Gift Edition
  46. Selling my Cemetery Dance titles (Here's the list):
  48. A few Subterranean Press titles for sale
  49. Stephen King Grab Bag
  50. Dark Regions Holiday Grab Bag
  51. Revival - WHSmith purple cover
  52. WTB: Weir's THE MARTIAN, UK signed/numbered HC...
  53. Clive Barker's MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN Deluxe Signed/Slipcased HC up for sale
  54. Books For Sale
  55. Wanted - The Passage S/L Justin Cronin
  56. Stephen King IT 25th Anniversary proof?
  57. Cemetery Dance Interoffice proofs up for sale!
  58. On eBay - LEGACIES - CD Signed Limited Edition - Signed by Stephen King, Dean Koontz
  59. On eBay - Doctor Sleep CD Signed Lettered Edition Signed by Stephen King, 3 Remarques
  60. Wanted - Joyland Titan Books Gift Edition
  61. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #3 - Michael Whelan Artist Print W/Original Drawing
  62. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #4 -From a Buick 8 W/Original Art by Mark Stutzman
  63. Legacies Signed Limited #319 No Reserve Auction On eBay
  64. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #5 -J.N. Williamson's Illustrated Masques
  65. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #6-The Wind Through The Keyhole-Artist Edition
  66. WANTED: Brian Keene's No Rest for the Wicked HC (Imaginary Worlds 2001)
  67. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #7-Neil Gaiman-Signed-Fortunately The Milk
  68. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #8 -Darek Kocurek Original Art - The Dark Tower VII
  69. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #9 From a Buick 8 ARC W/Original Art by Mark Stutzman
  70. Dark Harvest Signed Lettered Edition on eBay - Only 52 copies printed.
  71. 2015 Haven Auction #10-Neil Gaiman-Signed - The Facts in the Case of the Departure...
  72. 2015 Haven Auction #11-Glenn Chadbourne Art - The Secretary of Dreams Volume Two
  73. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #12-Easton Press - The Dead Zone - Jill Bauman Art
  74. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #13-Jae Lee Original Gunslinger Art
  75. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #14-Doctor Sleep W/Wells & Chong Remarques
  76. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #15-Stephen King Signed Best American Short Stories
  77. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #16-Alex McVey Original Oy The Brave Drawing
  78. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #17-The Wind Through The Keyhole-Artist Edition
  79. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #18-The Shining Gift & Chapbook-Chong Original Art
  80. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #19-The Dark Tower-Artist-Whelan Drawing
  81. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #20 - Shivers VII W/Chadbourne Remarque
  82. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #21 - Faithful Gift Edition
  83. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #22 - The Twelve Signed Limited
  84. 2015 Haven Fundraiser Auction #23 - The Green Mile Gift w/Mark Geyer Remarque
  85. Ray Garton - Live GIrls with CD
  86. 2015 Haven Auction #24-Glenn Chadbourne Art-The Secretary of Dreams One
  87. Thunderstorm Black Voltage
  88. 2015 Haven Auction #25-Thinner 30th Anniverary-PS Publishing
  89. 2015 Haven Auction #26-The Colorado Kid-Les Edwards Original Art
  90. 2015 Haven Auction #27-Lisey's Story Gift Edition
  91. 2015 Haven Auction #28-Dreamcatcher-UK 1st Edition
  92. Slivers of Bone by Ray Garton Signed Letter I on eBay No Reserve Auction
  93. 2015 Haven Auction #29-Thinner 30th Anniverary-PS Publishing
  94. Centipede Press titles for sale
  95. Lettereds, limited, chapbooks and more
  96. 2015 Haven Auction #30-UK 1st-Skeleton Crew-w/Les Edwards art
  97. 2015 Haven Auction #31-A Book of Horrors S/L
  98. 2015 Haven Auction #32-Mark Stutzman Signed "Lisey's Story" Print
  99. WTB - CD novellas
  100. 2015 Haven Auction #33-Stephen King's IT Audio Book on CD
  101. 2015 Haven Auction #34-Stephen King's 11/22/63 Audio Book on CD
  102. 2015 Haven Auction #35-ARC-PROOF-Rose Madder-Near Mint
  103. 2015 Haven Auction #36-The Dark Man-Brand New in Shrinkwrap
  104. 2015 Haven Auction #37-Glenn Chadbourne Original Art - Cycle of the Werewolf
  105. 2015 Haven Auction #38-Glenn Chadbourne Original Art - Black House
  106. 2015 Haven Auction #39-Glenn Chadbourne Original Art - Roadwork
  107. 2015 Haven Auction #40-Glenn Chadbourne Original Art - Hearts in Atlantis
  108. 2015 Haven Auction #41-Glenn Chadbourne Original Art - Just After Sunset
  109. Centipede Press Jim Thompson set
  110. 2015 Haven Auction #42 Stephen King Signed Revival
  111. For sale: Steven Erikson: Malazan Book of the Fallen
  112. 2015 Haven Auction #43-Glenn Chadbourne Art-The Secretary of Dreams II
  114. FS: Matching set of The Passage and The Twelve
  115. 13 pound grab bag? What did you get
  116. Joe Abercrombie: Half a King - SubPress lettered
  117. Stephen King's The Shining SIGNED Subterramean Press for sale
  118. For sale: It - CD 25th Anniversary edition S/L
  119. Complete CD Novella Series for Sale
  120. Max Brooks Lettered Editions
  121. ARC Proof of Stephen King's IT: 25th Anniversary Edition: Cemetery Dance
  122. Stephen King proof and traycased, Ray Garton Lettered and more on ebay
  123. Books For Sale
  124. He is Legend (signed by 18 including King/Hill)
  125. Selling a few titles
  126. Some DarkFuse Novellas
  127. Stephen King - CARRIE: THE DELUXE SPECIAL LETTERED EDITION no reserve auction on eBay
  128. Selling Rare Signed Limiteds: Laymon, Ketchum, Lee, Brandner, Colin Wilson
  129. Joe Abercrombie for sale
  130. Carrie: Deluxe Slipcased Gift Edition from Cemetery Dance Publications
  131. Clegg and Hautala Lettered FS along with a few other books.
  132. Looking to Purchase
  133. PS Gift Editions of Carrie & Thinner FS
  134. FS Christine PS Gift Edition, Riding the Bullet Gift Edition, and The Dark Tower AE.
  135. FS Wizard and Glass signed limited edition from Donald Grant
  136. Wanted: Buy into CDs King Doubleday Years.
  137. Stephen King books for sale
  138. FS: Limited edition of great fantasy colleciton Legends II
  139. Wanted: The Talisman Grant 1984 Trade Grey Cloth Edition
  140. WTB: John Farris' SHARP PRACTICE, S/L HC, Centipede Press
  141. Whelan and other fantasy art remarques
  142. A Few Titles For Sale.
  143. FS: Stephen King's The Dark Tower Grant HC Volumes II-VII. All In Shrink.
  144. Want to Trade (Or Sell) Two Items
  145. Wanted: SK Red Leather Library Missing Two Copies To Complete.
  146. Rare Hand Written Ray Garton Story in 50th Anniversary Signed Limited CD Magazine
  147. Bookworms book sale 2015
  148. FS: Insomnia UK Gift Edition With Some Issues
  149. Cemetery Dance Rare 50th Cover Poster - Custom Framed listed on eBay
  150. Signed Lettered Edition FLOATING DRAGON 30th Anniversary Limited Edition - Letter I
  151. Joe Hill Nos4a2 slipcase wanted
  152. Stephen King's Blockade Billy signed Lonely Road book for sale!
  153. Echoes of the Empire Series by Mark T. Barnes
  154. Misc Cemetery Dance HC for Sale/Trade
  155. Couple of Stephen King Lettered PC books on ebay. Carrie and Doctor Sleep
  156. Salem's 'Lot featuring original Dave Palumbo oil painting
  157. FS: Christine 1st/1st With Previous Owners Bookplate.
  158. 2016 Haven Fundraiser Auction #3-Wolves of the Calla with original Alan M. Clark Art
  159. FS: A Few Stephen King Duplicates I Have On Hand.
  160. Tommy's CD Grab Bags
  161. Horror Mags Wanted
  162. Michael Whelan original oil painting
  163. Haven Foundation Fundraiser 2016 - Bachman Books w/Original art - Rebound
  164. Miscellaneous Books
  165. Selling my Delirium "little" books
  166. Two CD Signed Lettered Editions on eBay - No Reserve Auctions
  167. For Sale: Lettered Prince of Stories and The Revelation
  168. New, Don Maitz remarqued, King signed auction!!!!
  169. Ned Dameron, Two Page, color remarque, "The Wastelands"!!!!
  170. Three tasty & Affordable Haven Fund Items for your collectin!!! Original Art Included
  171. Stephen King-Desperation-Oversized Print With Remaque Signed Art By Don Maitz
  172. Desperation Gift Edition, signed by Stephen King w/Don Maitz remarque!!!!!!
  173. Old Flames by Jack Ketchum Signed Lettered Edition No Reserve Auction on eBay
  174. Shades by Geoff Cooper & Brian Keene CD Lettered Edition No Reserve Auction on eBay
  175. Prince of Stories The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman Cemetery Dance Signed Lettered
  176. WTB: NOS4A2 Christmasland mug...
  177. New Haven Fund Auction items!!!!
  178. FOUR HALLOWEENS Anthology Lettered Edition I of 52 Copies eBay Auction NR
  179. DARK ADVENT by Brian Hodge Signed Lettered Edition No Reserve eBay Auctionn
  180. FS: SOD Volume 1 GE F/F
  181. SIDES by Peter Straub- CD Signed Lettered Edition on eBay, No Reserve Auction
  182. JOHN DIES AT THE END by David Wong - CD Signed Lettered Edition - Auction on eBay
  183. LRB: Dark Forces
  184. All 7 volumes of the Shivers anthology series
  185. CD Magazines #8-Current with Slipcases
  186. Downsizing Collection.
  187. Some Cemetery Dance Books for Sale
  188. Stephen King Red Library Books.
  189. Want a few chapbooks?
  190. Steven Erikson Malazan Book of the Fallen on eBay
  191. FS: Stephen King Joyland Titan Books HC
  192. Signed Limited of The Strain for sale (not mine)
  193. I too am downsizing a bit
  194. Sides by Peter Straub Signed Letter Edition, No Reserve on eBay
  195. appraising early CD titles
  196. Few CD titles FS.
  197. Would you trade for any of these three books?
  198. Speaks the Nightbird Limited Edition
  199. Downsizing Lettered Editions
  200. I've begun another round of eBay auctions
  201. FS: Grave Tales Hardcover S/L Issues 1-5 Richard Laymon Signed
  202. FS: Gauntlet Press Signed and Unsigned Proof ARCs
  203. FS: Imagination Fully Dilated Vol.2 Signed LETTERED Alan M. Clark (Richard Laymon)
  204. Cemetery Dance Lettered Editions: $10 opening bids! Very low buy-it-now prices!
  205. Stephen King Interoffice Proof / ARC's for sale
  206. CD Signed/Limited IT's FOR SALE - 2 Copies
  207. The Complete Slayers-For Sale
  208. New Ebay Auctions
  209. King/CD Series For Sale:
  210. Joe Hill's The Fireman Signed Editions For Sale.
  211. Various Books for Sale - Stephen King, Joe Hill, Ronald Kelly, Tim Lebbon
  212. Signed Patrick Rothfuss Books
  213. Ronald Kelly Essential series
  214. CD Shining Inter-Office Proof and CD 'Salem's Lot ARC AVAILABLE
  215. #52 IT signed Portfolio
  216. Glenn Chadbourne Original Artwork for sale (Not Prints)
  217. Selling the Mesiha Merlin Ice and Fire books by George R. R Martin
  218. WTB List For Centipede Press
  219. BOOK SALE
  220. Books for sale or trade
  221. Book Sale - Some pictures from my bookcase
  222. Books for sale-Different books, better pictures
  223. Books for sale-Another lot, more pictures
  224. Clearing the shelves - Ebay listings
  225. #247 The Last Train From Perdition
  226. New eBay auctions started
  227. WTT: Aronovitz' ALICE WALKS (Centipede Press) for other Centipede Press volumes...
  228. Rare Richard Laymon Chapbook ~ The Woods are Dark The Lost Episodes
  229. Two Shelves of My Books (I've been organizing...)
  230. One more shelf of my books (Busy organizing again)
  231. Reorganizing Two Shelves
  232. Another Shelf Of My Books (He's been at it again . . . )
  233. Some slipcased editions for sale
  234. I'm looking for an End of Watch slipcase
  235. Lettered Thunderstorm Titles For Sale
  236. Instant huge Joe R. Lansdale collection (including all Hap & Leonard books!)...
  237. Thunderstorm Black Voltage Titles for Sale
  238. Selling Some Centipede, Thunderstorm, Sub Press Books...
  239. Sleeping Beatuies Tour Tickets for Sale--Naperville, IL
  240. Missing 2 books
  241. Ebay auction with many rare books at low prices.
  243. Few books for sale
  244. My Mini Book Sale
  245. Need to sell collection
  246. My Delirium Books/Darkfuse Shelf--All books are for sale except The Rising
  247. Centipede Gene Wolfe Set
  248. UK Sleeping Beauties 1st/1st Editions.
  249. Thinking of Selling, Salem's Lot Signed and Numbered Centipede one of 300
  250. Signed/limited/numbered copy of IT for sale