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  14. CRAWLERS by Ray Garton for sale Stephen King 11/22/63 UK limited numbered w DVD
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  37. "Oy teh Brave" Limited Edition statues by Alex McVey. What's your number?
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  40. Justin Brooks Revised Bibliography Available Now!
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  78. Emerald City Comic Con 2018
  79. SF & F books Available free in Brooklyn area:
  80. Patrick Rothfuss Special edition at Anderida Books
  81. Ghoul by Brian Keene - Limited Edition for Sale
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  84. IT Gift Edition with Remarque
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  92. WTB: Scalziís OLD MANíS WAR, Subterranean S/L HC
  93. Graveyard Editions - Looking for #436 for Editions Two & Three
  94. WTB: Sub Press's On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers