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  2. Article: “The Roller Coaster’s Heartbeat” by Norman Partridge
  3. Article: “The Aha! Moment” by Michael Knost
  4. Article: “They’re All Writers (And You Can Too)” by Hank Wagner
  5. Article: “The Care and Feeding of a Style Sheet” by F. Paul Wilson
  6. Article: “Time Keeps on Slippin’ . . . .Into the Future” by Thomas F. Monteleone
  7. Article: “Rewrite Junkie!” by TM Wright
  8. Article: “Where Do You Get Your Ideas? A Cautionary Guide” by David Niall Wilson
  9. Article: “A Breakdown of the Break-In” by Kealan Patrick Burke
  10. Article: “Dr. Frankenstein’s Secrets of Style” by Norman Partridge
  11. Article: “You’re Only As Good As Your Last ISBN” by Rick Hautala
  12. Article: “Sweat” by Tim Lebbon
  13. Article: “What does it take to write a novel?” by Bev Vincent
  14. Article: “How To Live on the Beach and Not Have a Boss” by Edward Lee
  15. Article: “Exploring Personal Themes” by Tom Piccirilli
  16. Article: “In Defense of the Horror Short Story” by Gary Raisor
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  29. Is this thing rigged?
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  31. Great personal hell story in Group 3...
  32. What Do You Listen to While You Write?
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  34. A question for the "real" authors
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  38. Places to shop dark fiction (horror, fantasy, SF, noir)
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  41. 6 Ways to Keep Your Story’s Armor Intact
  42. how do you choosing titles for your work?
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  59. How do you tell if a concept has already been taken?
  60. The Cemetery Dance forum contributors story
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  62. The Legend of Fairwill
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  65. Flashathon - 12 Hours. 12 Cues. 12 Stories. (OCTOBER 22)
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  69. Call for Submissions: Abattoir Press
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  71. I have dilemma about trying to publish my book
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  74. Cemetery Dance magazine to re-open to submissions later this year
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  76. Writing a short story Round Robin style.
  77. Round Robin Story
  78. Creepy Houses & Polluted Lakes
  79. Round Robin story Comment thread
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  81. Buy a copy of Herniated Roots for $3, get a signed/limited of Transubstantiate FREE!
  82. NaNoWriMo 2012
  83. Zombies and a helluva lot more
  84. Cemetery Dance Publications to open to unsolicited submissions for our eBook line
  85. Duotrope going to paid service
  86. Haunted Hotel & Casino
  87. Scrivener half price today
  88. NaNoWriMo2013
  89. Sinister Grin Press presents: The Fresh Meat Writing Contest
  90. Muerte Con Carne ebook FREE!
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  92. Real Life, a Dream and a Tall Tale
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  98. NaNoWriMo 2014
  99. Anyone submitting to Terraform?
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  106. Writing a novel is so very hard, daunting, and lonely
  107. Forlorn
  108. Anyone care to read my story, Cliche?
  109. Haven't been around in a while
  110. Embers: A Collection of Dark Fiction by Kenneth W. Cain (Crystal Lake Publishing)
  111. Why Did I Stop?
  112. It will be a busy second half
  113. Question about writing comedy
  114. A Season in Hell giveaway
  116. When the Clock Strikes 13 (In Your Face Books)
  117. What I Learned From Stephen King