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  1. The Five
  2. Rules
  3. The Hunter From the Woods (Signed Limited Edition)
  4. Baal (Deluxe Signed Limited Edition)
  5. J. N. Williamson's Illustrated Masques
  6. 11/22/63
  7. The Marvel Dark Tower Omnibus Hardcover Slipcase Edition
  8. Bad ronald
  9. Dark Tower: The Wind Through The Keyhole - DMG Limited Editions in 2012
  10. Knowing Darkness
  11. MHB Press / Hard Gore Press - Specialist publishers of Horror & Erotic Horror
  12. Warning: The following illustrations may offend. MHB Press (Grease Monkey) Enjoy!!
  13. Shock Totem - Issue #4 Table of Contents
  14. Grease Monkey and other tales of erotic horror by Graham Masterton book review
  15. Confused
  16. The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine by Peter Straub
  17. Borderlands: Little Book #15: A Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff by Neil Gaiman
  18. It's For You
  19. Dance with Dragons!!!
  20. Signed/Limited William F. Nolan Chapbook - Done and heading out from printer now
  21. Dan Simmons - Hyperion
  22. Dracula by King's Way Press!!!
  23. Weaveworld by Clive Barker (Earthling Publications)
  24. Mansion house books present: The sucking pit by guy n. Smith
  25. Fleshbags, by Razorline Press
  26. Sinister Grin Press
  27. ChiZine
  28. Shock Totem Holiday E-book
  29. 11/22/63 SIGNED Limited Edition: One Copy For Sale!
  30. Books of the Dead: Gary Brandner's The Howling 1, 2 & 3
  31. Books of the Dead: Paul Kane's Pain Cages
  32. The Ghost Toucher - Free Right Now
  33. Marvel's Dark Tower
  34. Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury (Gauntlet/Borderlands)
  35. Candy - Free at Midnight
  36. Thunderstorms' "Hard Rain" line
  37. The Red Empire and Other Stories by Joe McKinney [Redrum Horror #1]
  38. Attic Clowns by Jeremy C. Shipp [Redrum Horror #2]
  39. The Awakening by Brett McBean
  40. Easton Press
  41. 30 Minute Plan
  42. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
  43. The Salesman -free!
  44. Free Books!
  45. The 5000 Fingers of Bob
  46. Dr Sleep Exclusive at thedarktower.org on April 1st!
  47. ZVR: This Means War!
  48. Read CATCH MY KILLER! and win a signed copy of Ronald Malfi's VIA DOLOROSA
  49. V-Wars SIGNED & NUMBERED IDW Publishing Limited Edition
  50. 50% off sale o in-stock and preorders at Night Shade Books
  51. Get Some Free Candy this Saturday
  52. Night Shade Books is selling Lifetime Subscriptions!!!!!
  53. Shock Totem Reissues James Newman's The Wicked (Revised and Expanded)
  54. Goner
  55. 30 Minute Plan - Get a Free Book or Two
  56. Win a Copy of Tales from an Apartment
  57. Earthling - Weaveworld
  58. Goldsboro Books - The Twelve
  59. Fleshbags- Who Wants One
  60. SPLATTERPUNK - a new printed horror zine
  61. Smells Like- Looking for a Few Reviews
  62. Richard Matheson's Generations
  63. 6/20/2012
  64. The Zombie Show
  65. Shock Totem Publications Presents The Wicked, by James Newman
  66. If You Want It, You Got It
  67. The Wind Through the Keyhole UK 1/200 - Owners
  68. Coming Soon: Frankenstein! From King's Way Press!
  69. I just received all three editions of Frankenstein from King's Way Press!!!
  70. The Talisman & Black House - Collectors Set with Limited Edition Slipcase and Poster
  71. BOTTLED ABYSS by Benjamin Kane Ethridge [Redrum Horror #5]
  72. Announcing Shock Totem #5...
  73. The Zombie Show
  74. Coming Soon: The Skull Ring by Scott Nicholson! From King's Way Press!
  75. Frankenstein: Starts Shipping Saturday 07/21/12!
  76. Get Your Copy of Fleshbags-
  77. The Skull Ring by Scott Nicholson-First Pictures!
  78. THE THING IN THE MIST by John S. Glasby
  79. The Zombie Show on Sale
  80. Shock Totem Publications Presents...Beautiful Sorrows, by Mercedes M. Yardley
  81. PS Publishing - A Carnivāle of Horror
  82. New Limited Edition of The Shining from Sub Press
  83. The Zombie Archives
  84. The Complete Night of the Living Dead Filmbook & Scrapbook
  85. Get a Free Copy of The Butterman Cometh
  86. I Travel By Night - Robert McCammon
  87. The Forever War, by Joe Haldeman - Centipede Press edition
  88. Locke and Key
  89. Christine and Pet Semetery from Ps Publishing
  90. NOS4A2 Signed Hardbounds:
  91. Returned
  92. Dark Discoveries #22 (Horror & Rock Special) Out Now! - Rob Zombie,John Skipp,Wilson
  93. Shock Totem #6 Now Available
  94. Double Feature by Owen King released today
  95. Darkfuse member drive
  96. Joyland Limited, Lettered, and Hardback
  97. Donald M. Grant Despertaion Gift Edition
  98. Ghost Brothers - ETA?
  99. The Troop by Nick Cutter -- anyone hearing anything about it yet?
  100. Childhood's End
  101. DARK DISCOVERIES Magazine Subscription Drive with Free Books, Prizes and more!
  102. Dark Regions teaming up with Clive Barker
  103. Wraith: welcome to Christmasland
  104. The Best Night of the Year is #96 in the #Kindle Store
  105. Signed trade copies of The Complete Books of Blood!!
  106. Clive Barker's Chiliad: A Meditation S/L at Subterranian Press
  107. SubPress: Clive Barker's Books of Blood (6 volume set)
  108. Star Wars: Frames
  109. For Joe Hill fans - Exciting news from PS Publishing
  110. Good news regarding A Carnivāle of Horror - PS Publishing
  111. Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road - Ketchum, Lee, Keene, etc.
  112. James Newman's Ugly As Sin—Now Available!
  113. The Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey - Subterranean Press
  114. Owen King's Double Feature--Gauntlet Press
  115. Fearie Tales - Deluxe Oversized Traycased Edition
  116. The Wit and Wisdom of Stephen King
  117. DRP: World War Cthulhu
  118. Masters of the Weird Tale versus Library of Weird Fiction
  119. Folio Society
  120. New Limited novella by Joe R. Lansdale from Dark Regions Press - Hot In December
  121. Brian Keene signed to Dark Regions Press for new novella for 2015!
  122. Multi book deal for DRP
  123. The Top of the Volcano - Best of Harlan Ellison
  124. Earthling Publications: Brian James Freeman / Norman Prentiss
  125. Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea: The Best of Caitín R. Kiernan (Volume 2)
  126. "DARK WORK" by Keith Minnion
  127. New Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan Special Edition of FAITHFUL to Benefit Good Causes
  128. Ender's Game
  129. Black Labyrinth Book II - Joe R. Lansdale - Prisoner 489 launch
  130. Little Book Series 2
  131. Indiegogo campain launched for new Dark Regions Press Anthology MADHOUSE
  132. Clive Barker's The Scarlet Gospels release date announced
  133. Clive Barker's First Tales
  134. Mary SanGiovanni's New Chapbook @ White Noise Press
  135. Halloween Children Earthling Publications Brian James Freeman
  136. Breaking News - Stephen King's Revival UK Limited Edition is available for pre-order
  137. BLACK LIGHT: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena by William J. Grabowski
  138. Scarlet Gospels--Earthling
  139. Stardust - Neil Gaiman (E.P.)
  140. Centipede Press Jim Thompson books available
  141. 3 Richard Laymon Editions to be announced Tuesday by Dark Regions Press & Set Deal!
  142. Signed limited of First Blood by David Morell
  143. McCammon's Blue World
  144. Borderlands Press issues?
  145. Russian edition of Richard Laymon's 'Beast House' series
  146. Thinner 30th Anniversary Deluxe Signed Edition - PS Publishing
  147. Rats Trilogy at centipede
  148. Hellnotes Review of DARK SCREAMS: VOLUME TWO
  149. Slip cases for sale at centipede press
  150. The Cal Wild Chronicles by Gene O'neill
  151. Swan River Press
  152. Robert McCammon's Stinger
  153. Stephen King's Skeleton Crew now available to order at PS Publishing
  154. Subterranean Press - Silence of the Lambs
  155. Karl Edward Wagner's Kane series from Centipede Press
  156. Dark Region press issues.
  157. IDW Publishing: Don Rosa Artist's Edition
  158. The Martian Limited Edition:
  159. Glimpses by Lewis Shiner (Earthling Modern Classics Series)
  160. 20th Century Ghosts [1oth Anniversary Edition] by Joe Hill
  161. Speaks the Nightbird Mccammon
  162. Nightshade Books releasing Clark Ashton Smith Papaerback
  163. PS Publishing - 'Salem's Lot
  164. Slashed Dreams: Ultimate Guide to Slasher Films Indiegogo Campaign
  165. Dark Renaissance Books
  166. Tonight, Again by Clive Barker
  167. Jonathan Janz "Shadow Side" Line from Thunderstorm Books
  168. Gauntlet Press and Clive Barker 2016
  169. Cornell Woolrich
  170. PS Publishing Grab bag with Joe Hill Bonus:
  171. A Long December by Richard Chizmar:
  172. Summer of Night
  173. White Noise Press-The Anthology
  174. New White Noise Press Chapbook from authors familiar to this forum:
  175. Peter Straub: Interior Darkness
  177. Boy's Life 25th Anniversary
  178. THE FIREMAN by Joe Hill:
  179. Cover Images for the WNP Chizmar/Freeman Chap
  180. Borderlands 6
  181. Shannara original trilogy limited editions
  182. Ziesing Insomnia Anyone???
  183. The View From The Cheap Seats [signed hardcover] by Neil Gaiman
  184. New Alison Littlewood Chap From White Noise Press
  185. My Art Book DARK WORK Just Released in Softcover
  186. Robin Hobb: Farseer Trilogy
  187. You, Human by DarkRegions Press
  188. What happened to Gray Friar Press?
  189. HEROES Richard Chizmar & John Schaech
  190. Clive Barker's Next Testament--Earthling Publications
  191. Darkness Whispers by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman
  192. In the Best Stories.. and other Uneasy Horrors By Norman Prentiss Free:
  193. Vault Books
  194. Night Shift by Stephen King - order page is up.
  195. Centipede Press' Sunday a.m. emails...
  196. FYI Projected Centipede Projects 2017
  197. Kings Way Press discussion
  198. NSB: Seabury Quinn
  199. Signed Joe Hill Graphic Titles
  200. Swan Song by Robert McCammon--Subterranean Press
  201. Best of Subterranean
  202. "The Other" Thomas Tryon Centipede Press
  203. Life in a Haunted House by Norman Prentiss on Kindle Scout
  204. Bubba and the Cosmic Blood Suckers
  205. "Meatcow Maker" from Matthew Warner
  206. The Wind Through the Keyhole--Grant Artist Edition
  207. A Lit Fuse: The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison
  208. Sad news regarding Deadlights Magazine:
  209. The Call of Cthulhu & Other Weird Stories - Folio Society
  210. For fans of vampire novels - The Delicate Dependency, by Michael Talbot
  211. Patrick Rothfuss SIgned items
  212. Dark Regions Kickstarter Gift Certificate Deal
  213. HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL: Coming This October 2017 From Brian James Freeman and Hydra
  214. Centipede has Slipcases for Sale!
  215. BIRD BOX
  216. SST GIft Edition of Gwendy's Button Box:
  217. The Shining GLow in the dark pin:
  219. Screamin' Cacti--Thunderstorm Books
  220. October Dark by David Herter Earthling Edition
  221. DOWN THERE & Others, New Story Collection from Keith Minnion
  222. Entertainment Weekly's Ultimate Guide to Stephen King
  223. Paperbacks From Hill - The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction
  224. Little Gold Book from Borderlands
  226. Mouse Guard posters from Mondotees:
  227. First book written by my mom
  228. Andy Weir's new one, ARTEMIS, Sub Press S/L up for pre-order...
  229. Down There & Others Ebook Editions
  230. New UK S/L edition of McCammon's THE LISTENER...
  233. Centipede Press Dune
  234. The Collected Cedar Hill Stories by by Gary Braunbeck Earthling Publications
  235. Little Book Series 3
  236. Brian James Freeman's Patreon
  237. The Haunting of Hill House
  238. I Am Legend - Folio Society
  239. New Owen King story - 'Positive Comments' availble for download:
  240. Falling Angel Centipede News
  241. New book about Stpehen King
  242. Forthcoming books from Centipede this summer...an odd form of good news.
  243. Walking With Ghosts by Brian James Freeman from PS Publishing
  244. In Your Face Books upcoming anthology cover reveal for its first publication
  245. The Centipede Press edition of JULIA
  246. Lord Foul's Bane--Grim Oak Press
  247. OFFSPRING and THE WOMAN Anniversary Editions from Dark Regions
  248. Earthling Publications 2018 Halloween title-What is it?
  249. Hongston & Olsen Ghost Box II
  250. Robert McCammon's MISTER SLAUGHTER reprint